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Itondere ibi: umuceri uhumanya wagaragajwe n’itsinda ryita ku baguzi- dore amakuru y’ingenzi.

by Aline UWITONZE 1557 Views

Buri muntu wese arasabwa kwitondera umuceri agura kuko hagaragaye umuceri udafite ubuziranenge, nkuko itsinda ry’ubushakashatsi rya Consumer Protection Council (CPC) muri Uyo ryabigaragaje hari amaduka amwe agurisha uyu muceri.

 Mu gace ka Uyo, Akwa Ibom hagaragaye uyu muceri iri tsinda ryemeza ko ushobora gutera indwara abawuriye. Nkuko raporo zibitangaza ngo ba nyiramaduka bafata uwo muceri bakawoza nyuma bakawanika ku izuba bakabona kuwupakira kugira ngo abagura baze kuwugura.

Idongesit Ikono, umunyamakuru wari uhari bavumbura uwo muceri yanditse agira ati ‘’ mwitondere umuceri mugura kuko itsinda rya CPC ryagaragaje ko hari umuceri ukomeje kugurishwa kandi nta buziranenge, umuceri wose mubona witwa Mama Gold, Cap Rice, Stallion Rice ntimuwugure kuko ufite ingaruka mbi ku buzima bwanyu, abawucuruza barawoza, bakawanika nyuma bakawupakira kandi wahagaritswe mu mwaka wa 2015 nkuko Consumer Protection Council babitangaza.



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Amategeko n'amabwiriza birkurikizwa.


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